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Be a  fabulous Femme Fatale in these gorgeous What katie Did 1940s Black Cuban Heel Stockings!


Although Cuban Heel Stockings were fashionable throughout the mid-20th century, the 1940s were the heyday of these beautiful nylons.

Sheer black seamed stockings would have been reserved for evening wear in the 1940s. Luckily, today we’ve abandoned outdated fashion rules.

One thing does remain: you’re sure to turn heads in these glamorous nylons.

What Katie Did Black Cuban Heel Stockings

  • If you are new to sheer stockings please be aware that your nylons need to be worn, washed and stored with care. Care is even more important for sheer black Cuban Heel Stockings which will show every snag. 

    Our Cuban Heel Seamed Stockings are designed to fit up to a UK dress size 18, US size 14 and up to approx 29" thighs.

    They're made from sheer 15 denier nylon with elastane for stretch: 87% nylon, 10% elastane, 3% polypropylene

    Very importantly they feature our signature wide, stretchy welt which is comfortable and period correct. It gives the retro perfect look of 1950s seamed stockings which tended to have wider welts (or tops).

     Made in Italy. Italy is renowned as the home of high quality hosiery manufacturing.

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